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house2House of Fashion is all about style and fashion. We look at everything from architecture and interior decorating to the look and feel of places you may wine and dine or even the style in which you choose to travel and where you might choose to stay.

Fashion and style are not just limited to the tangible things that we can see and touch. It is as much a part of one’s entire experience. It’s the way something makes you feel, the beauty in the things you may hear. It touches the body and soul alike.

The most incredible part of all of this is that like beauty, fashion and style is in the eye of the beholder. We all enjoy things differently. A modern home with clinical finishes is uniquely exquisite, but no less or more stylish than the established classical home with it’s warm wooden floors, old fireplace and heart-warming farm kitchen. Both are fashionable, yet each will appeal differently to those who enter and experience them.

Enjoy our House of fashion as we look at the world around us and the stylish way in which we can experience it.

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